• Samantha Duncan

No More COVIDeo Production: Finding Creativity in Small Spaces

Staying home during COVID-19 has a lot of us going a bit stir crazy. We're used to being able to move around and express ourselves in larger spaces.

Personally, I'm used to being on my feet on set, so sitting at a computer for as much time as I have been has taken some adjustment. Don't get me wrong - I've missed my Sims, and while I was running around town on shoots, they were stuck at home with their social needs going down and loneliness moodlets increasing. But... I also miss actively creating.

So, what's the solution?

Find creative projects where you are using what you already have! You don't always need a bunch of fancy video equipment to make something that will touch someone else' life (or your own) IRL. I went through my abandoned crochet projects from high school - yes, high school - and used them to yarn bomb the first thing I saw, which happened to be my niece's toy car.

I used all my pent-up energy and was able to throw myself into to making something beautiful for a loved one, and the result was so special. I didn't just make something visually interesting. Now, my niece is obsessed with touching the textures on her toy car and hugging different parts of it; what I created enhanced the way my niece is able to interact with her toy, changing her day-to-day experience as she plays with it.

And isn't that why we make art?

Think about what you already have in the space you're in. What's been collecting dust? Customize or update the first thing you see. I dare you. I promise you won't be disappointed!

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